The educational protocol has been signed between OKKU and TRNC HÜR- İŞ Federation. It was mentioned the educational facilitates which will be provided for members of HÜR-İş Federation in the agreement that was done at HÜR-İş Federation meeting hall on October 5th,2020 at 11 am. During the protocol signing ceremony, OKKU Assistant Secretary General Mustafa Tokay was present. At the signed agreement, OKKU Rector Deputy Assoc.Prof. Dr. Remziye Terkan and General Secretary Esteemed Ali Yeltekin of the HÜR- İş Federation had the same idea that it is one of our main goals to have studies between OKKU and the HÜR- IŞ Federation to provide educational benefits to our people in society, the aim is to the aim is to provide educational contribution to our people, developing and strengthening their perspectives, providing a vision perspective for the future and to contribute to taking more solid steps towards their future under pandemic period conditions.

General Secretary Esteemed Ali Yeltekin stated that "Education and higher education are important for us and OKKU has also displayed a sensitivity to this issue. General Secretary Esteemed Ali Yeltekin also stated that it makes us happy to motivate our employees clarify their goals for their future" He thanked in name of their employees to UKKU ‘s administration for providing such an educational opportunity.

OKKU Rector Deputy Assoc. Prof. Dr. Remziye Terkan said, "I would like to express our pleasure by signing the educational protocol with the HÜR- IŞ Federation. As whole society, as whole world, we are going through a difficult period globally, but we are conscious. Moreover, we believe that we will go through this process without any problems by precautions we have taken and we will take. As Onbes Kasım Kıbrıs Univeristy, we are sensitive about this issue. I am also happy and proud that we have taken such a honourable step in the name of our University. By the education we will give to our people during this difficult process, we will enable them to realize quality of life and quality time management. We have been warmly welcomed by Hür -İş Federation and we appreciate for this. She completed her words by wishing the best for both sides. "

Kıbrıs Girne Tüp Bebek