International Media Symposium ~ Breaking Points of History and Cinema


Call for Papers

Dear scientists,

Cinema, since the day it was dicoverd and popularized to the public has become a machine for propaganda, call for war and a great way for the rulers of the country to infuluance the public for what they want.

Within the chronology of cinema itself, especially since World War II, it became the shortest, simplest and most effective way of presentation of intellectual and operational biographies of public figures and for persuasion, The use of visual perception methods has always created certain refraction notes or social, historical breaking points have been legitimized through cinema.

Cinema is also the first time that mass movements, gender fiction and transformation has also been the scene of their demands, from the rebellions of the 68 generations for freedom, from the 80s feminist discourses, which have become a cry for existence all over the world, from the 1970s, when discrimination was debated on a social level, many political-social-individual andhas become the image arena of the process in historical dimension.

As the Board of Directors of the Fifteen November University of Cyprus; you remarkable scientists, we are gatherd here to talk about the effects of these breaking points in our history and the popularty on cinema, with the "Breaking Points of History and Cinema" symposium
We are honored to host it in Kyrenia.

Kıbrıs Girne Tüp Bebek