Turkish Teaching Application & Research Center

Our Mission

Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University TÖMER aims to develop competencies in Turkish for both social and academic requirements. In addition, OKKU TÖMER has a mission of becoming prominent in Turkish language education and one of the leading institutions in Cyprus’s Turkish language education as a foreign language.

Our Vision

Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University TÖMER aims to develop participants’ required skills and knowledge of the Turkish language by combining theoretical and practical methods of training.

Aims of Our Center

  • Teaching Turkish language to foreign students who are from abroad and studying in Higher Education Institutions
  • Teaching Turkish language to foreign participants, both domestic and abroad
  • Organizing short-term courses to teach the Turkish language to the Turkish children abroad

Bases                                       Highest Grade                               Lowest Passing Grade

Listening                                   25                                                                            15

Reading                                    25                                                                            15

Speaking                                  25                                                                            15

Writing                                      25                                                                            15

The participants who complete their certificate courses with success are granted a certificate, approved by the Director of TÖMER and the OKKU Rectorate.

Turkish Speaking Classes

Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University TÖMER is opening Turkish Speaking classes for those who wish to speak Turkish more fluently, in accordance with their level of Turkish language skills and knowledge. The program is designed to help enable the participants to express themselves with more ease and fulfill the requirements of daily conversations. The students who complete Turkish Speaking classes will become efficient in expressing themselves in Turkish throughout their social and professional lives.

The speaking classes includes the levels of A1, A2, B1, B2