Tourism sector, one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, has revealed the need for young executive chefs who are equipped with technical knowledge and skills and can compete in the international arena.

The Gastronomy Department of our faculty aims to raise graduates with the knowledge and skills that can establish their own businesses or work as chefs or serve as senior managers in international hotel chains, distinguished restaurants or professional food production facilities all over the world, with the education program prepared with distinguished faculty members.

Gastronomy Department is a department that is basically structured on gastronomy, food, tourism and business. During their education, our students will take theoretical and practical courses on subjects such as "Kitchen Management, Restaurant Management, Cafe-Bar Management, Food and Beverage Management, Turkish Culinary Culture and International Culinary Culture, Food Science and Technologies, Nutrition and Dietetics, Cooking Techniques, History of Gastronomy, Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Culture-Art-Design and Gastronomy Tourism".

Among the courses our students will take during their education are courses such as business management, entrepreneurship, finance and marketing. In this way, our graduate students will learn how to plan, establish, develop and operate a food and beverage business.

Most of our training is purely practical and given in the form of practical training. Apart from our university, our students will also have the opportunity to combine their theories with practice and learn the world cuisine in practice, at the Girne Büyük Anadolu Hotel and other food establishments.

Kıbrıs Girne Tüp Bebek