Faculty of Tourism

Program Details

turizmThe faculty trains managers who will work at senior and unit level in accommodation, travel, transportation and food and beverage enterprises, and manpower to take responsibility as intermediate staff. The importance of well-trained and language-speaking staff is increasing. Our university aims to contribute to closing this gap.


Tourism sector, one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, contributes greatly to the world economy and employment. Today, the sector, in which 1 out of every 11 employees work around the world, occupies an important place in the world economy, with a share of approximately 3.58%. According to the predictions of the World Tourism Organization, it is estimated that the number of employees in the tourism and travel sector will reach 370 million by 2026, and 1 out of every 9 employment will be from this sector.

The tourism sector is an extremely important sector for national economies. The basic needs of this sector are well-equipped, efficient, tourism-conscious managers and academicians who are qualified to lead the development of tourism in social, economic and technical aspects. These managers and academics should also be equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge, fluent in foreign languages ​​and have a high level of knowledge and management skills, the power to make decisions by research and synthesis, and be visionary and innovative. The education staff of our tourism faculty, which was established to raise such individuals, consists of academicians with both industry and academic experience.

Our training program, which mainly consists of travel agency, tour operator, accommodation management and food and beverage management, service techniques and gastronomy courses, also supports courses such as foreign language, central reservation systems, communication with customers, sales methods, accounting.

Our students, who have the opportunity to have practical education in addition to their theoretical courses, will also study at the Girne Büyük Anadolu Hotel, which is at the service of our university. Our students, because they have the opportunity to do internships at other hotels in Cyprus and Turkey, will find the opportunity to observe the work environment related to their fields. When they graduate, they will be ready to meet the need for qualified workforce, which is extremely important for the tourism industry.

Due to the nature of the tourism sector being an intense labor-intensive sector, there are also wide job opportunities for our graduate students. As a result of the theoretical and practical courses they will take during their education, our students, who will have sufficient knowledge and skills for the sector, will have the chance to find jobs in hotels, travel agencies, airports, travel companies, cruise ships and tourism-related public institutions, both within our country and abroad.

  • Tourism Management and Hospitality Department is a 4-year department, and the language of instruction is English
  • It is a department that all high school graduates can choose.
  • In addition to our many faculty members with international experience, our guests from the sector will regularly attend our classes as guest speakers and transfer their knowledge and experience to our students.
  • Since it is a Tourism Faculty with a hotel, our graduates will be trained as experienced staff and a university - sector bridge will be established.


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