adaletThe Disciplines of Political Science and Public Administration has a deep position in the studies of politics and administration in the World and Turkey. The academics of the department comprise persons with a variety of specializations in political science and public administration besides such related disciplines as history, sociology, cultural studies, urban policy planning, local governments.

Political Science and Public Administration are closely related fields. Political Science analyses political systems within the effects of concepts like power, authority, legitimacy, social class, gender, ethnicity, political participation, institutions like state, government, political parties, pressure groups and international organizations. This area is also interested in political ideas and ideologies, justice, liberty, democracy, ethics, equality. Public Administration studies on analysing decisions and policies of the political and administrative systems, especially within the state. It also interested in executive, legislative, judicial powers of the state, central and local governments. It also involves planning, decision-making, organizing, leading, implementing and evaluating, controlling, co-ordination, co-operation, human resource management and budgeting.

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