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      In today's world, software systems are the cornerstone of all modern businesses and organizations. Since such systems are often complex and long-running, they also need robustness and adaptability. An education in software design and development will provide all the skills needed for a career path that can identify and develop these systems and produce other computer-based solutions.

Software engineering students will not only gain knowledge and practical experience of cutting-edge technologies, but also gain insight into the fundamental principles of the subject. With the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the department, our graduates will be able to keep up with this rapidly changing field and continue their careers in confidence almost anywhere in the world.

      Our graduates receive the "Software Engineer" degree and can work all over the world with the qualified knowledge and experience they have gained during their education. Software engineering is one of the most demanding and fastest growing professions in the world. Graduates can work as Software Engineer or Test Engineer, Cloud Specialist, Application developer, Game developer, Web developer, Database Administrator or any IT related field. In addition, they can have academic career opportunities by continuing their postgraduate education in any subject related to computer technologies, thanks to the qualified and high-quality education they receive.

      The importance of technology in general and computer competence in particular is increasing in Turkey, the TRNC and the outside world. For this reason, it is thought that our students who graduate from this field will not have problems in finding a job.

       Those who graduate from the Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, at Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University , receive the title of "Software Engineer".

     Software Engineering Undergraduate Program has a 4-year education period. The language of instruction is English.


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