Institution of Social Sciences

Our Mission

Our mission is to train researchers and experts who will contribute to the national and international level of universal knowledge by structuring, conducting and developing postgraduate education and research activities in social and human sciences. In line with the mission of the university, our aim is to be open to change and development, to have the flexibility, strategic and creative thinking abilities required by change, to adopt democracy, the rule of law and ethical values, through education and training activities and research and development studies, and to understand the importance of creating a common goal, To raise individuals who are problem solvers, who know how to make decisions, reach and use information, are competent in using resources and time, have adopted the principle of sharing their knowledge with other individuals and institutions, and have leadership qualities at the same time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading institution that is preferred at national and international levels with its graduate-level education programs, research activities and products. To make quality the most important goal in education and training, to be an exemplary department with scientific studies for the benefit of human and nature, to make continuous improvement in education and training programs, to be among the leading Social Sciences Institutes at national and international level, to have high critical thinking power and social sensitivity. It is also part of our vision to train individuals and share these qualities with other institutions.

General Information About the International Tourism Management Master's Program

The International Tourism Management Master's Program, which follows the latest international and local developments in the fields of application and technology, is a program prepared in cooperation with the tourism industry and aims to provide its students with the equipment that will enable them to become leading managers and academics in the sector.

The aim of the program is to enable students to develop their business and academic lives as people who are equipped with managerial skills at the highest level in the fields of tourism and hotel management, have a good command of research techniques and principles, can think analytically and have vision. In addition to basic courses such as marketing, management, accounting and finance, the program also includes courses on tourism planning, research techniques, and service management. Students who successfully complete the courses complete the program by working on a thesis on the subjects they are interested in together with their advisors.

Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University Graduate Programs

Registration - Admission Requirements

  • The general registration-admission requirements determined by the Graduate Education, Training and Research Institute must be met.
  • Applications can be made to graduate and postgraduate programs throughout the year.
  • Admissions are given for the Fall or Spring semesters of the relevant academic year.
  • The application deadline for each semester is announced on the websites of the Institute and the Registrar's Office. Applications are accepted through the online system.
  • Candidates who will apply to graduate programs must have a bachelor's degree and meet the application requirements of the applied program.
  • Applications are also accepted for candidates who are in the graduation stage.
  • Program-specific admission requirements and program course information should be obtained from the relevant academic department.

Documents Required for Application:

  • Official transcript containing all undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • Diplomas you have received for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • English proficiency certificate for English programs.
  • Copy of ID or passport
  • Two passport photos (6 cm x 5 cm)
  • Program specific documents: (Master): Portfolio

Applications are accepted both online and in person by coming to the university.

Undergraduate Transfer Opportunities

English Proficiency Requirement in English Programs

If you do not have a valid English Proficiency Certificate for the master's programs where the medium of instruction is English, your English level is determined by the exam conducted by OKKU. Depending on your exam results, you may need to take English courses in addition to the graduate program courses, or you may need to take intensive English courses. Students who are required to take an Intensive English course cannot take a graduate program course.

There is no English Proficiency Requirement in Turkish Programs. (No English proficiency required).

For the First Registration Procedures for Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University Graduate Programs, follow the steps below:

  • To find out your student number and payment information, go to the Registrar's Office. You must have your university acceptance letter and the documents specified in the letter with you. If you have a valid and original document showing your English language level that will qualify you for exemption from the English support program, please show it to the enrollment staff.
  • If the required payment has been made in advance, the registration staff will complete your registration at the university and you will be entitled to take the English exam; If you are exempt from the English exam, it will activate your course registration right so that you can take courses from the department.
  • If the payment has not been made, you can go to the banks where the University has an account and pay with your student number. After the payment is made, a copy of your payment receipt must be given to the Registrar's Office. By completing your registration to the university, the registration staff will grant you your right to take the English exam; If you are exempt from the English exam, it will activate your course registration right so that you can take courses from the department.
  • After your course registration right is activated, you must go to your academic department and complete your course registration process.
  • Candidates who have not documented their English proficiency at the time of registration (only for English Programs) take the most recent English exam organized by OKKU English Preparatory School. You can learn the exam date, time and exam room information from the student portal on the website with your student number.
  • If, instead of taking the English exam, you want to register for an English support course appropriate for your level, using your valid English proficiency document accepted by OKKU, please visit the Graduate Education, Training and Research Institute.

Successful Registration Completion Tips

Check your personal information and course registration on the student portal. If there are incorrect entries, please inform the registration staff and/or your academic advisor.

Check your payment information on the student portal. Take care to make your payments to the university on time to avoid unexpected increases in your tuition fees.

Evaluation of Applications

Applications are evaluated by the relevant department and the Graduate Education, Training and Research Institute makes the decision to approve or reject the application. The result of the application is sent to the e-mail address specified in the application by the Registrar's Office. Incompletely filled application forms will not be evaluated.