Message from the Chairman of University

ertan birinci

Dear young people and parents,

When we set out to establish a university, we dreamed of not only making our dreams come true, but also going beyond our dreams. In the island of Cyprus, which is one of the most important geographies of the world, it was very important to train our own people and to have our own brain and workforce. While the course of technology continued to advance in a dizzying manner in the 21st century, we were aware that human resources are the most important power. Especially in terms of overcoming the difficulties at this point in our industry, it was important to train new minds, young people who can dream, and young people not only for our own country, but for many countries of the world. It was an important goal to create a university with a television channel, a university with a hotel, and a university that can offer the opportunity to practice as well as theory with the widest possible opportunities. While you are reading this article, I can gladly and proudly say that Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University has completed its 2019-2020 academic opening and has started to make its way in the ocean of education. It is very important for us to be able to announce a message of a strong Northern Cyprus in other countries with young people who come from all over the world, who will graduate from this university, who can research, produce, stand on their own feet, adapt to 4.0 in technology, are environment-friendly and sensitive.

Onbeş Kasım Cyprus University has managed to become a campus university in Northern Cyprus with its experienced, expert academic staff and strong organizational structure and is also assertive with its investments in technology and education buildings and social activity areas. Today, our campus equipped with the rising smart building technology in the Düzova region of Nicosia, our education building in the center of Nicosia and our television and radio laboratories are remarkable examples in our country. Intensive symposiums, the "Folk Arts" Institute to be put into service and the training courses of important professions are among the plans we will implement in our university, which attaches great importance to the concept of social education center. Our trainings in English and Turkish will improve and expand to other languages.

Dear young individuals and esteemed parents, I think that the fact that we, the founders of this university, can deliver our own children to the academicians of Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University with peace of mind, before parents, is the biggest measure of your preference for Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University. We get the name Fifteen November (Onbeş Kasım) from the day the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was declared. We wanted to have a story inspired by the establishment of a state and a republic on 15 November 1983 from the colonial administration in Cyprus. We salute the founders of it, and we are proud to give them the good news of this university on 15 November 2019. The young people who will be educated here will be able to realize what they can achieve in life with this real struggle story they will learn here. With these feelings, I, as the founding partner of the university and the chairman of the board of trustees, greet you on behalf of my other founding partner brother, Ümit Mutlu Dur, and all of our family and staff.

I bid you all welcome and present my sincere gratitude.