Business Administration

isletmeThe Department of Business Administration has been offering graduate programs and has been playing a dominant role in offering quality business education to the students and executives strive to equip themselves with up-to-date knowledge. The ultimate goal of the Department is to provide students with an integrated and practical approach to understanding current business practices and educate them to think from outside the box. However, the ultimate objectives of the Department are not only to create business leaders and entrepreneur but also to make the students aware about ethical and social responsibilities.

One of the special features of the department is that it has a blend of well-experienced teachers with foreign exposure, a galaxy of young, energetic faculty members, quite a good number of nationally and globally renowned teachers of the 15 November Cyprus University. Research and teaching are the prime objective of this department. The curriculum encourages the students to sharpen their analytical and communication skills, placing a balanced emphasis on qualitative and quantitative approach.


  • Department of Business Administration is a 4-year department and the language of instruction is English.

  • It is a department that all high school graduates can choose.

  • The objective of the Department of Business Administration is to become one of the leading national and international business departments in which academic and administrative staff and students are happy to be a part of the institution, academicians from different universities and business world professionals want to collaborate in scientific and practical projects and preferred by potential students for training.


The graduates of the department of business administration can;

  • Establish their own business,

  • Work in a leading position in multinational companies,

  • Work in strategy development departments,

  • Work in decision support units in institutions,

  • Work as a project manager,

  • Work in the area of human resources management,

  • Work in innovation management units,

  • Work in budgeting and budget management units,

  • Work in cost analysis units,

  • Work in marketing department of companies,

  • Work in market research companies,

  • Work in data management and analysis units,

  • Work in digital marketing companies,

  • Work as investment specialist,

  • Work in financial planning and management units,

  • Work in different positions of banking sector,

  • Work in the area of public administration,

  • Work as stock market investment consultant,

  • Work in financial consulting services,

  • Work in consulting services.


  • To be able to benefit from the professional enterprises of the field at any time; to provide students with a wealth of opportunities to evaluate their free time - in order to provide them with professional development and to find new interests,

  • Diversification of job opportunities after graduation with the bond established in the applied workplace process due to companies being owned,

  • Occurring of many research, development and work opportunities thanks to physical and technological infrastructure,

  • Offering an education intertwined with nature as well as various student clubs with advanced social, sporting and cultural activities.

  • Learners will be able to critically look at the profession because they are in practice at any time, and they will be able to work with the instructors to develop works.

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