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In the last 30 years; the economy is one of the key drivers of globalization.The growing variety of financial instruments in the rapidly changing financial markets, the guidance and determinism of economic decisions, puts the economy discipline at the center of the study of understanding and interpreting global change. The players of economic life, especially people and companies, are sustaining this change.

As a result of this change and development; the monetary amount of the transaction volume in the financial markets in the world economy has exceeded the monetary amount of the transactions realized in the goods and services markets.
15 November Cyprus University, Department of Economics and Finance aims to educate students with conceptual and technical skills who can understand and interpret the dynamics of global change in international dimensions.It provides its students with the most advanced international standards to achieve this aim.

Taking into consideration the needs of the future, our program aims to raise young manpower, equipped with the high technology that our country needs, productive, innovative, dominating at least two languages and competing in the international arena.
Students, who graduated as well-equipped individuals, have employment opportunities at private companies, public institutions, in financial sector companies , banks, national and international institutions and establishments. The students who wish to pursue academic and scientific career such as master's and doctoral degree can follow this path.


Graduates of the Department of Economics and Finance can work;

  • In public and private sectors,

  • In all financial market institutions, especially banks,

  • As an executive candidate,

  • As an assistant specialist,

  • As an inspector or customs and financial adviser,

  • In the areas of freelance accounting, marketing and sales,

  • In the relevant fields of specialized media organizations,

  • In the management staff of national and international companies,

  • In banks and other financial institutions,

  • In research and academic institutions and the Central Bank.


  • To be able to benefit from the professional enterprises of the field at any time; to provide students with a wealth of opportunities to evaluate their free time - in order to provide them with professional development and to find new interests,

  • Diversification of job opportunities after graduation with the bond established in the applied workplace process due to companies being owned,

  • Occurring of many research, development and work opportunities thanks to physical and technological infrastructure,

  • Offering an education intertwined with nature as well as various student clubs with advanced social, sporting and cultural activities.

  • Learners will be able to critically look at the profession because they are in practice at any time, and they will be able to work with the instructors to develop works.

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