yeni medya

The rapid advancement and integration of digital and interactive technologies within our culture has radically changed the way we communicate and interact with each other. New Media degree was created to meet the present and future need for content creators capable of applying both linear and non-linear strategies to problem-solving situations. By combining traditional art, music, drama practices, theory, and criticism with digital and interactive media, the Department of New Media provides students with the skills, knowledge and experience essential for personal and professional excellence and growth in the field of New Media communication.

Students choosing the internship in their final semester work for a company or organization in an area of new media that is of interest to them. Students and new media employers often credit the internship as being an invaluable component for integrating students into the new media workforce.

In our age, where traditional media such as radio, television and newspapers have become digital increasingly, digital technologies have enabled the formation of new media devices. The effectiveness of social media and digital broadcasting platforms, and the digitalization of marketing and trade, increased the need for qualified labor in these areas.

The New Media undergraduate program aims to train new media experts who are able to use the new media effectively, master the principles of qualified, impartial and fair communication and adapt them consciously to the new media fields and produce audio-visual and written content suitable for internet technologies. The radio, television, magazine and media agency owned by Birinci Media Group provides a wide range of practice chance and experience for New Media students.

The students of the New Media department will be able to acquire the technical and aesthetic language of the digital media, along with learning to analyze critically through theoretical and practical courses of internet journalism, social media management, internet marketing, digital design, digital content production, and multimedia systems development. Graduates of this department can work in areas such as media organizations, advertising agencies, and different sectors using internet and mobile networks, internet publishing, digital marketing, social media expertise, multimedia design.

New Media Department is a 4-year department and the language of instruction is Turkish and English.

  • It is a department that all high school graduates can choose.

  • Experts will be trained to develop and manage the content and communication on cyberspace effectively by using new media tools. In this period which is described as Communication, Information and Media Age, we aim to provide graduates with the knowledge, skills and ethical responsibilities required by this world.


  • Graduates of the New Media Department can work in institutions and organizations such as the digital agency, which utilize the Internet and mobile networks in various ways.

  • These duties include: New Media correspondent, editor or producer in a newspaper, radio or TV institution that carries broadcasting activities on the Internet and mobile media,

  • Communication management to ensure effective communication of public or private institutions and organizations with the target audiences in the social media environment,

  • Internet and mobile business management, internet and mobile marketing management or entrepreneurship that provides efficiency and competition by carrying the business processes of individuals, institutions and organizations to the Internet and mobile environment,

  • • A New Media researcher who investigates and reports on the individual, social, economic, cultural, political, legal and ethical implications of New Media for academic or commercial organizations.


  • To train qualified personnel for one of the most important sectors of our age,

  • Diversification of job opportunities after graduation with the bond established in the applied workplace process,

  • The department's advanced physical and technological infrastructure and many research and development opportunities,

  • Offering an education intertwined with nature as well as advanced social, sporting and cultural activities, and various student clubs,

  • Being a Faculty of Communication with a 24-hour broadcasting television company (Kıbrıs Genç TV).